Hello again, some bad news & a question

Hi all!


Remember be? Long time, no see, right? I apologize for being so MIA the past few months. Life got crazy busy when university started back up again, and for a while my energy went into other things than my Sims legacy. In fact, I didn’t pick up my game for months, even though I meant to.


However, recently I’ve started getting some of my inspiration back for this story. I have big, big things planned for Oliver and I’d love to carry on with the story and see how it goes! I hope you would be as excited as I am for some of the things I’m planning.


Here is where the bad news comes in… I lost my legacy game. The sims, the houses, everything. I can’t even find them in my library anymore. I have no idea how this happened and I was so disappointed when I found out. I still have my Original Matteo Fiore, but no Evelynne, no kids and no grandkids 😦


I still really want to continue with the story, though. So here is my question: Would you guys be okay with it if I re-made the sims that were in the story (same traits and as close to their appearances as I can get), cheated them up to approximately the same funds as they had before and kept the story going from there? The screenshots would look different, but all of the storyline and the character’s personalities would keep going like nothing happened.


So, is that a way you’d be willing to continue reading the story? Would you even like me to continue with the story? Let me know!


I also appreciate all of you who have read my legacy so far. Thank you ❀


6 gedachtes over “Hello again, some bad news & a question

  1. SpurklyNinja

    Oh no! I hate losing games like that!

    I would love you for you to continue, and I’d be super excited to see what happens with the storyline. I’d be okay with you remaking your sims. I don’t want it to take away from your school work, though, so do what works for you! πŸ™‚

    Also, nice to hear from you again πŸ˜‰


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