A Sign of Life

Hi everyone!


Just wanted to pop on here and apologize for the lack of updates the past week. You might know that I started this blog right before summer holiday, and I was able for weeks to update on a nearly daily basis. I really enjoyed that.

But now, university has started back up, and with full force (I’m a psychology student, if anyone’s curious). There’s a 2 hour commute between my house and the university, so I lose quite a bit of time with travel. On top of that, I’m in an extra credit honours-class which takes up my entire Wednesday-evening and a lot of extra time; I’ve started a part time job two days a week; I’m working out with a personal trainer twice a week and apart from that I have to have some sort of social life 😛 It’s been difficult to find the time and energy to write.

However, I have lots of ideas and am super excited for Generation 3. It’s definitely not a lack of inspiration or enthusiasm, just lack of time. I’m hoping to get into some sort of schedule/rhythm soon and be able to give you guys weekly updates AT LEAST. But it might take some time to adjust to this pace of life.


I want to thank you all so much for sticking with the story and I hope you understand where I’m coming from. I promise, more updates on Oliver and his friends and family soon! Hope to see your comments then ❤


Much love,






4 gedachtes over “A Sign of Life

  1. SpurklyNinja

    Wow, sounds like a busy schedule! 🙂 Don’t worry about us down here. We’ll be patiently waiting (at least, I hope I can last! 😉 ).

    Psychology sounds fascinating!


    1. Haha it is! I just wanted to let all of you know that I’m not purposely slacking, life’s just been busy. But I’m gonna try my hardest to get a chapter up next week!
      It really is, I love it 🙂


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