Family Album 4: Expanding the Fam


Hester and Enz cuddling



Mom and Dad’s Golden Wedding Celebration!



Phil the BBQ-Expert :p



Pregnant with baby #3!



Samuel vs. Oliver



Moving in Together!



The Boys



Sam and Grandma Dart Battle!



Summer Fun



Grandma Horton Visists!



Baby Bump



Upgrade to a bigger place!



Couples Who Cook Together, Stay Together!



Ollie talking to baby sister



Juliette is here!



Family Barbecues Are The Best ❤



The Boys Perform a Puppet Show



Sam and Juliette



First signs of a little baby bump!



Sisters-in-Law: Niece is on her way!



Mommy-Daughter-selfie! Allie and Juliette


Here we are guys! That was the end of Gen 2! What were your highlights? Your favorite characters? Your saddest moments?

I really enjoyed this generation, but I’m also super excited to start a new generation with new characters and new story lines! I’ve got quite a few ideas and I hope you will all continue to follow the Fiore’s 🙂

Thank you all so much for following my story, commenting and liking. It means so much! ❤


6 gedachtes over “Family Album 4: Expanding the Fam

  1. Yay, I’m so glad it worked out between Enzo and Hester! And looking at their house upgrade I guess he was successful in his own business? 😉 the kids are just too cute, I am so happy for Allie and Phil that they were able to get this big of a family after the difficulties they had! I think this was also the saddest moment for me – the way Allie felt after all these tries weren’t successful and how she seemed to give up. I’m looking forward to Generation 3!

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    1. Well they certainly are doing well enough to buy a bigger house, so things went pretty well for Hester and Enzo! I love Allie and Phil’s family so much as well ❤ And I'm glad those chapters made an impression on you, they were definitely challenging to write! Thanks for keeping up with the family and commenting ❤

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  2. SpurklyNinja

    Yay! So much to celebrate here.

    First off, WOOOOO! Golden wedding annversary?! Wow, feels like just yesterday when those two met.

    Super happy that Enzo and Hester became a couple, and with a nooboo on the way too!

    Baby #3! That’s so great that Phil and Allie have that big of a family, when they had so much trouble at the beginning.

    I am really looking forward to generation 3, and see what happens next for the Fiores! 😀


  3. What a great ending of Gen 2! I love that Allie and Phil had a little girl and that Enzo and Hester got together. I pretty much enjoyed everything about this generation. I liked the love triangle that Allie faced and the moment she finally snagged Phil. I also really loved that although Enzo kept making decisions that weren’t always the best for him, he navigated his way through it all and came out on top. Looking forward to Gen 3! 🙂

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