2.32 Showtime



After we’d checked through the window that none of our co-workers were in the diner, Michelle and I had gone in here to have a Sunday brunch. I’d spent the night over at her place, once again, and like usual, we hadn’t done a whole lot of sleeping. We usually weren’t able to go out during the day, but today, we’d decided to go for it. I was actually quite excited.

“So how’s Allie doing?” Michelle asked. “Ready to pop at any moment?”



“Oh, yeah, she’s huge.” I stretched my arms out in front of my stomach as far as I could. “I told her to ask the doctor if he was sure it wasn’t twins.”

Michelle laughed. “God, I couldn’t imagine that. Carrying one baby seems exhausting enough, never mind two.”

“So… You and your ex never talked about children?” I asked carefully. Michelle usually didn’t like talking about her ex-husband too much.

She shrugged thoughtfully. “We did. He really wanted them, I didn’t. Probably one of the reasons he shouldn’t have married me in the first place.”



“I’m sorry,” I said. Michelle smiled. “Don’t be. It all turned out fine. So,” she continued jokingly. “You’re not getting baby fever now, are you?”

“No, definitely not. Way too young for that. I’ll settle for being an uncle for the next few years.”

This was of course true, but I couldn’t help but think about what would happen after the next few years. A part of me might want kids at some point – not now, not soon, but sometime. I looked at her for a while, trying to imagine Michelle as a married woman, a woman with a baby on her arm. I just couldn’t see it.



“What are you thinking about?” Michelle asked curiously.

“Nothing,” I said quickly. “Really, not important. Let’s order.”




“Are you still feeling okay? No real contractions or anything?”

“Dad, chill out. I’m fine.” I smiled at dad’s worries. He was almost as bad as Phil. You’d think he hadn’t ever witnessed the births of his own two children. But it was sweet to see everyone so worried about the baby. I had been feeling some contraction-like cramps lately so I figured it wouldn’t be too long now.



“I’m sorry,” dad said apologetically, “I’m just so excited. My first grandchild… I’m so happy for you and Phil.”

“Thanks, dad. I know you are.” I smiled as he kept babbling on and on about being a grandparent, the gifts he would buy for the baby, the games they would play.



“You know, dad,” I said, “everyone keeps gushing about what great parents Phil and I will be, but I really think you and mom will be the best grandparents ever.”

Dad smiled, and I even saw a hint of tears in his eyes. “I hope so. Your little one deserves it.”



And sure enough, later that night, it was showtime…

“Damn it, Phil, don’t just freak out over there, call the hospital!”


8 gedachtes over “2.32 Showtime

  1. Woot! The baby is on the way! 😀 I can’t wait to see him/her. And Enzo…. he’s starting to realize, even if it’s just a little bit, that he and his boss have different ideas about what they want. Great chapter!


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