2.28 Better and Worse

Author’s Note: This is a longer one, but I really wanted to put this all in one chapter! Hope you enjoy it guys 🙂



Dad’s famous fluffy, syrupy pancakes tasted like dry carton in my mouth. Allie had already shot me several urging glances over the Saturday morning breakfast. I’d promised her I’d tell mom and dad about my job today, but at this point I felt like it’d be better if I just ran away.

After Phil had given me a slight kick under the table (Allie had obviously told him, too), I finally cleared my throat.

“Mom, dad? I need to tell you something.”

They immediately put down their forks and looked at me, worried. “What is it, honey?” mom asked.



No going back now.

“I uhm… I haven’t been completely honest with you guys.” I swallowed hard. “I haven’t been going to college like I said. I’ve actually been working at a company that creates video games.”

The silence was heavy. Mom and dad just looked at each other, at a loss for words. “But… why?” dad finally said, confused and – even worse – looking hurt. “Why would you lie about something like that?”

“I thought… I thought you guys wouldn’t agree with my choice. I thought you’d make me go to college. I know how much you wanted me to go, dad.”



“But that’s ridiculous,” dad said, looking more sad than angry. “I wouldn’t have made you go if you didn’t want to.”

I didn’t quite know what to say to that. Saying it out loud now, of course they wouldn’t have. But at the time, I just felt so intimidated because of Allie’s success in school and dad’s enthusiasm, I felt like not going to college wasn’t an option.

“I’m sorry,” I said softly.



Sorry will not be enough this time, Enzo.” Mom did sound angry. Very angry. “I can’t believe you lied to us for months! Did you think we were idiots? That we’d never find out about this?”

“No, that’s not what I wanted… I just needed more time to tell you guys.”

Mom scoffed. “So all those nights at the library and study sessions with your friends? Exams? That was all you just going to work?”

I nodded silently. “Great. Great, Enzo.” She angrily poked her pancake. “I don’t even know what to say to you right now.”



And she didn’t say anything anymore. We just finished our breakfast in silence.



Later that night, I was standing in front of the apartment building. I’d been standing there for about ten minutes, constantly hesitating. Should I go in? Or was this crazy and should I just leave?

Then again, the alternative was going home where dad kept giving me disappointed glances and mom was still giving me the silent treatment. Allie was feeling sick because of her medication and Phil was working late. The only person I felt like I could talk to was here.



I finally worked up the courage to take the stairs to the third floor. I’d been here once before, to drop off some forgotten files. This was crazy. And inappropriate. But I just couldn’t figure out what else I could do.

So I knocked.



“Just a minute!”

The sound of water being turned off, then footsteps walking towards the door. Was it too late to run? It was, because the door already opened. A scent of vanilla and lavender came flooding into the hallway. Michelle was dressed in a soft, pink robe, her skin and hair still a little damp from the shower. I could see some cleavage under the folds of the fabric and swallowed hard.

“Enzo? What are you doing here?”

“I told my parents about my job.”

Michelle gave me a curious look, then obviously saw how upset I was and pulled the door further open. “Come in. Let’s have a drink.”



A few minutes later, I was sitting at Michelle’s kitchen counter while she was pouring wine into glasses for us. Her apartment was light, clean, not very decorated but cozy. Her robe stroked her legs and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them. Finally, she sat down on the stool next to me.

“Right. Tell me what happened.”



I told her about my talk with Allie in the park, the awkward breakfast and then finally the tense atmosphere in the house all day. For the most part, Michelle just drank her wine and listened. It felt good to just let everything out. I hadn’t realized how much I’d needed that.



When I was done talking, Michelle didn’t say anything at first, but refilled our glasses. “Well, it’s good you told them. And honestly, you can’t blame them for being angry that you lied to them. That wasn’t very smart of you.”

I started protesting, but she quickly interrupted. “Hey, listen, you’re nineteen. I get it. You don’t want to know what kinds of things I did when I was nineteen. That’s nothing compared to this. Just give them a while to get used to the idea, apologize a hundred times, and have faith that they’ll always love you. They don’t sound that bad.”

I sighed. “They’re not. They’re great.”



“I’m sure they are.” Michelle smiled and leaned towards me. I could smell her body lotion and the scent of red wine lingering in the air. “And so are you, Enzo. I’m serious,” she insisted, when she saw me roll my eyes. “I’ve looked at your ideas and they’re amazing. You have some serious potential. Give it a few years, and you’ll be up there with the big guys. You might even be my boss one day.”

I chuckled a little, shy at the compliments. Michelle must’ve noticed my embarrassment because she got up. “This bottle is done. Care for another glass?”



We spent a few hours talking and somewhere halfway the second bottle, moved over to the couch. Michelle’s hair fell softly over her face as she laughed at my joke, her cheeks pink with alcohol.

“You can’t be serious,” she giggled. “You haven’t gone on a date since you were in high school? That’s almost a year ago! What are you, a monk?”

“I just haven’t had the time,” I answered. Somewhat honest. “And really, I haven’t had much interest in most of the girls I’ve met.” More honest now.

“How is that possible?” Michelle shook her head. “You’re a raging ball of hormones. You must be attracted to anything with breasts that walks by.”



As she said it, I couldn’t stop myself from looking at her full bosom covered in the thin cloth. The robe had fallen a bit and more of her body was visible, even a freckle on the side of her breast. Michelle noticed me staring and started blushing, getting shy and even a little flustered.

“Enzo, stop it,” she said, her voice suddenly deeper and a little scratchy. “Don’t do this. We can’t do this. You know that.”


“Because I’m your boss.”

“So? Who needs to know?”



I placed my hand on her hip and suddenly, it was like Michelle didn’t care at all anymore. She basically threw herself at me, her lips full and warm on mine, and her tongue smooth and strong. She grabbed the back of my head. This wasn’t what I had wanted to happen, this wasn’t why I had come over here, but at some point it seemed inevitable. And God, it was amazing. It was even better than I’d dreamed it would be.



And we didn’t stop. It just kept getting better and better…


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