2.12 The Right One



“A table for three, please.”

The hostess gave Phil a weird look, then glanced over at me and Angela. I couldn’t blame her. It must be pretty weird to see one guy walk in with two completely different girls, who weren’t even looking at each other. Could it get any more awkward than this?



Really, it had been super awkward from the start. Angela had only acknowledged my presence with a little nod, and constantly holding Phil’s hand or kissing his ear, which made me angry and nauseous at the same time. Meanwhile, Phil was trying to include Angela in a conversation about movies or music, which she knew nothing about, other than that she liked ‘hot vampire movies’ and Britney Spears.

Phil and I were continuing our conversation about The Godfather as we followed the hostess to our table. As I looked over my shoulder, I saw Angela walking a few feet behind, scowling at us. I couldn’t help but smile a little bit.



After placing our order, which had broken the ice a little bit because we could talk about food, the awkwardness quickly returned. Phil and I continued talking and joking as usual, which resulted in Angela looking angrily at the both of us. For Phil’s sake, I tried asking her about her hobbies or interests, but usually her answers weren’t longer than two words. Not exactly stimulating conversation.



When Phil and I weren’t talking, Angela usually made flirty comments and suggestive jokes about their ‘sex life’, which made him look more uncomfortable than anything. She didn’t seem to notice or care – she kept grabbing his leg under the table and leaning over to whisper things to him which made him turn bright red. I could barely resist the urge to extend my leg and kick her in the knees when she did that.



“So, uh, you two are both girls…” Phil awkwardly looked at me and Angela after he’d just peeled her lips away from his neck. “Why don’t you talk about girl stuff? You know… Clothes and make up and all that.”

I looked at Angela, wearing things that I wouldn’t even look at if I saw them hanging in the store. I cleared my throat. “I like your jacket,” I lied. Angela frowned. Apparently I was a terrible liar.

“Nice necklace,” she sneered, looking at the heart-shaped pendant on my collarbone. “Very sophisticated.”

The obvious sarcasm in her tone made me so angry, that I snapped: “Thanks, your boyfriend gave it to me.”



It was as if a dark cloud rolled over Angela’s face. Flames seemed to light up in her eyes.

“You gave her a necklace?” Her voice was cold, as she looked over at Phil. He started stuttering. “Uh, well, yeah… But that was years ago.”

“She still wears it. Every damn day. I’ve seen it at school.”

Phil helplessly looked over at me. “I guess she likes it.”

“Or she likes you.”

It was hard to say whose face was redder – mine or Phil’s. Of course, Angela was too busy yelling to notice it.



“I can’t believe you still hang out with her. She obviously has a crush on you and you want me to be nice to her? She’d steal you away in a second if…”

Steal him away?” Embarrassment subsiding, I now felt anger and something else – jealousy? – rushing over me in waves. “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Phil has been my best friend for years. If anyone here is stealing him, it would be you!”

Angela actually got up from her chair, but Phil got in between: “Guys, please! Stop it! Can we just get through breakfast without World War III breaking out? Please? I promise after that you never have to see each other again.”



He looked so unhappy that we both sat down again, silent but still burning with rage. We ate our breakfast without saying another word to each other. Phil looked so sad that I could feel tears burning in my eyes, and Angela kept glaring angrily at me.

I just couldn’t understand how he could insist that he liked her. She was uninteresting, she was mean, she was clingy… She wasn’t right for him at all.

If only Phil could see that. If only he could see that the right one for him… was me.


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