1.15 Something Old…



Trying to calm my nerves, I took a deep breath and looked in the mirror.

You’re fine. You’ve got this. You are going to marry the man you love the most in the entire world, the father of your daughter. This is the moment you’ve dreamed of your entire life and here it is. Just enjoy it.

A smile formed on my face as my nerves faded away – just a little bit. I’d been looking forward to this day for months.



My dress was simple and nothing fancy, but I loved it. It hid the tiny belly that my pregnancy had left me with, and accentuated my still slightly fuller breasts. Although Matt of course always said I looked wonderful. With everything going on recently, I sometimes forgot to appreciate him as much as he should. But he really was a sweetheart, and I was happy that I could do something special for him today…




I tried to rub the sweat off my palms on my pants. It was crazy how nervous I was. I mean, Evie and I had a kid together, but marrying her still felt like such a huge step. I was a good nervous, though. Not cold feet-nervous, just ‘oh my god, I can’t believe this is happening’-nervous. Even though the only person I had to wait for was Evie, she was definitely taking her time.



I heard footsteps behind me and turned around, grinning. But as soon as I saw who was walking toward me, my smile disappeared and I just stared in shock. There was my dad, dressed up in a suit, following Evie. He looked about as nervous as I felt.

“Dad? I thought…”



“Surprise!” Evie beamed at me. “What?” “I knew how upset you was, so I called your dad and had a few long talks with him and well… He wouldn’t miss your wedding for the world, Matt. You know that.”



Quietly, I looked over from Evelynne to my dad. “Dad?”

“It’s true,” he nodded, his voice scratchy and something – a tear? – glistening in his eyes. “Of course I wouldn’t miss your wedding, Mattie. And this lady you’ve got here… She’s quite special. And she can be pretty persuasive.”

He chuckled and added, somewhat shy, “And… If it’s okay… I’d like to meet my granddaughter.”



I swallowed back some tears of my own, took a few steps and hugged my dad. I couldn’t remember the last time that had happened.

“Now, go and get married, you,” dad joked, as he pulled back from the hug. “Can’t keep your lady waiting.”

And so I did. I married the love of my life, and my dad was there to watch me do it.




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