1.13 Isn’t She Lovely?



It took a while, but just in time, our house was finished.

It was nothing fancy, just big enough for the three of us and a guest bedroom, but it was much better than the dark, cramped apartment we’d lived in before. I’d never felt so proud of my own home before. Our first home as a family.



Evie was growing bigger and bigger and had started to get the pregnancy-wobble, which looked hilarious as she was walking around the house. As far as pregnant women go, I though mine was doing pretty well. She definitely got up to eat at random hours of the night, but other than that, she was still the woman I knew and loved. No crazy mood swings, thankfully.



Work for me was going better and better. The band had really started to take a liking to me, and I was asked to fill in for the guitarist a few times when he was too hungover to perform, which had earned me a raise as well. Evie’s boss was still being a bit of jerk to her, though, especially now with her pregnancy leave. Luckily I was making enough for us to securely pay our bills. Being a father-to-be had definitely made me more responsible, but also given me more to worry about. Money, of course, but also myself. Would I be a good dad? Would my relationship with my child be as strained as mine was with my own father? Would I be able to spend enough time with my kid, or be one of those dads who are always at work?



There wasn’t a ton of time to worry about those things. One afternoon, Evie suddenly jumped up from her nap, calling me from upstairs.

“Matt… It’s time!”



And twenty-four hours later, I was holding her in my arms. Little Alessandra Fiore, or Allie, for short. She was just perfect. Her pink, soft skin; her little giggle as she stretched her arms out at me… All of my worries melted away as her entire hand grabbed my little finger. If I though loving Evie was intense, it was nothing like loving this little lady. And she looked so much like her mother as well…

I held Allie close to my chest.

“I’ll take care of you, little one,” I whispered, “don’t you worry about that.”


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