1.10 We’ve Got This



My mind was going a thousand miles a second as I was trying to process what Evie had just told me. A baby? Our baby? Was I ready for this? I had never really thought about having kids, never even been sure I wanted them. I saw myself as a musician, not as a dad, and my career was just starting to take off… This really wasn’t great timing.

But then I looked over at Evie’s beautiful, worried face. This was the woman I loved more than anything in the world. And hey, maybe this pregnancy happened for a reason. Maybe this would turn out to be the most amazing thing to ever happen to us.



A smile broke through on my face.

“That’s wonderful, baby. I’m so happy.”

“Are you serious?” she asked hesitantly. “I know it wasn’t exactly planned, but…”

“So what,” I said, “I didn’t plan meeting you. I didn’t plan falling in love with you. And those were two of the best things I’ve ever done.”

Evie sighed with relief. “Oh, Matt, I’m so glad you’re taking this so well…”



“Evie, I love you more than anything. And this little baby… It will just be the cherry on top. Our little family.”

“But what about the money?”

“We’ve got some money saved up. We’ll sell your apartment and expand mine, you just got a promotion and I’m also doing really well at work. Besides, we’ve got a good few months left, right? It will be okay. We’ll figure it out.”



Evie leaned in and kissed me.

“I love you so much, Matteo Fiore.”

“I love you, too,” I said. “We’ve got this, baby.”


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