1.9 Little Things



Life with Matt was wonderful. We’d been together for over a year, and slowly I’d been staying at his place more than at mine. It was closer to work, and I loved hearing him jam away on the guitar, totally focused on his music. We’d both climbed up the ladder in our jobs, and it was so much more fun to be able to celebrate it together.



I was making lunch one afternoon while Matt was out in the park, playing for some extra tips. I had something to tell him, but I had no idea how he’d react.



For the past weeks, I’d been able to hide it pretty well. Matt was usually still sleeping when I suffered from morning sickness and I’d be careful to throw the pregnancy test in the trashcans outside work. But I knew I’d have to tell him, sooner rather than later. I just hoped he’d take it the right way… Kids really weren’t anywhere on our radar. We weren’t even engaged yet! But this was my baby, our baby. I loved this little human so much already… Hopefully Matt would too.



Suddenly the door opened. “Evie, I’ve got good news. I made like a hundred bucks just from tips today!”

Matt looked at me, grinning from ear to ear. “I’m taking you out to dinner tomorrow night. To that fancy place that just opened.”

I smiled. “That’s wonderful, honey. I’m so proud of you.”



He pulled me on the bed. “It’s not too early for a little pre-celebration before dinner tomorrow, right?”

Matt kissed me before I had a chance to say anything. My little secret can wait, I thought. I’ll still be pregnant tomorrow.



“Good evening, I’ve got a reservation under Fiore.”

I nervously looked out the window. I loved my dress, and Matt had said I looked amazing, but I felt like a small bump in my stomach was very noticeable. There wasn’t much time to worry about it, though, because the host was showing us to our table.



“Give us two glasses of your finest red wine!”

I swallowed nervously as Matt placed his order. I really didn’t want to reveal my pregnancy while the waitress was still there, but it would be pretty obvious once my red wine would stay untouched.



“Are you okay, Evie?” Matt asked when our food was placed in front of us. “You look a little pale.”

“Yeah, I’m fine, uhm… I do have something to tell you, actually.”

“What is it?” He looked worried. “Is something wrong?”

“No, I mean… I don’t know…”



I took a deep breath.

“I’m pregnant.”



I watched as Matt said nothing, but took a big gulp of wine.


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