1.8 The Right Way



The knock on the door surprised me. I wasn’t expecting anyone, I hadn’t really been seeing anyone for the past weeks except for my coworkers. But they wouldn’t just randomly come by my house.

I put my glass on the countertop and headed towards the door.




I was too shocked to say anything else when I saw her, standing outside of my little house, waiting for me. I’d thought about this moment so many times, planning what I would say to her, how I’d fix this… But suddenly, nothing came out of my mouth.

“I know,” she said hurriedly, before I could say anything, “I came by to apologize. I totally overreacted but… I can explain.”



And so she told me everything, with quite a few tears added in her monologue. Her ex-boyfriend, her heart break, how insecure my one night stands made her feel…



She talked for a long time and then looked at me, tears in her eyes. “So. What do you say?”

I grabbed her hands. “I’m sorry. I’ve never been the type to settle with one girl and I had a tough time letting that go… But I like you, Evie. I like you so much. More than I ever thought I could like anyone. And I want to do this with you. The right way.”



She smiled. “I’d love that.”


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