1.5 Return to the Blue Velvet




“I thought I’d find you here.”

I looked up and was at a loss for words. Evie looked amazing. Her red dress hugged her in all the right places, a scent of vanilla and fresh flowers surrounded her and her lips… They looked irresistible.

“Good guess,” I said, a few seconds later than I usually would. She was just so distracting, standing there on her heels, looking at me. But we’d talked about this. Just friends. Get it together, Matt.

“Are you gonna get me a drink?”



And I did. I got both of us a lot of drinks that night.



Even Evie, who was usually pretty responsible with alcohol, was chugging back drink after drink.



And of course, I wasn’t about to lag behind.



I don’t remember how, or why, or when, but suddenly we found ourselves upstairs. Dizzy with alcohol, the warm air in the lounge and Evie’s scent, I didn’t even think about what I was doing. All I could focus on was the alluring look she shot me, and the way she murmured my name.



Suddenly, my lips were on hers, my hands were grabbing her soft, messy hair. She grabbed me tight and didn’t even try to pull away. It felt new and exciting, and yet it felt like I’d done this a thousand times before. Like this was what I was meant to do.



“Go home with me,” I whispered, as my hand rested on the small of her back.

She looked at me, her cheeks flushed red. “You couldn’t stop me if you tried.”



When we got home, we didn’t sleep for a long time…


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